A Studio Legacy

July 23, 2016

An excerpt from our most recent Summer Newletter about our great Summer Faculty:
Kimberly Cadley-Mach
grew up studying dance at Opus II, and was a founding member of Ashland Regional Ballet.  ....... This is Kim’s third year to return to us for summer dance.

My personal note:  I was Kim's first ballet teacher.  Now I have had the pleasure of having Kim and her 3 girls all in the same class this summer.   Teaching her girls is a special treat.  It is a feeling of legacy launching the future. 

Oh ... and perhaps I will have child #4 in my class in a few years!  Here her son creates a "still point" in the center of the studio.  Probably the only time he was "still" all day! 

For a reminder about our summer faculty go Newsletters.  Have a wonderful weekend.  See you around the studio.  ~Hellie

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