Our Company

Sarah Cyders | Artistic Director
Ann Marie Benshoff-Todd | School Director
Hellie Schussler | Founder/Executive Director

The Company
Megan Abel, Emma Blake, Rebeca Brown, Erin Ekin, Avery Gingrich, Abigail Hout, Melanie Irvine-Selby, Mikayla Jarvis, Lucy Mancha, Gabrielle Savka

Company Apprentices
Gisella Blake, Chloe Gingrich, Megan Hayes, Taylor Hill, Ryanne Hunt, Landon Hyatt, Sarah Ison, Jennie Riffle, Audrey Rosby, Anna Slade, Samantha Steinhauser, Lilly Welch, Allie Wentworth

Faculty/Artistic Staff
Ann Marie Benshoff-Todd, Sarah Cyders, Margaret Minick-Blake


Guest Faculty
Christina Lindhout, Anna Roberts

Assistant Teacher
Erin Ekin, Avery Gingrich, Abbi Hynek, Lucia Mancha, Gabrielle Savka, Lena Watson

Costume Mistress - Margaret Minick-Blake 

Costume Specialist - Kathy Hout

Studio Receptionist/Assistants
Soni Crist, Rachel Early, Laura Kime, Veronica Middaugh, Rebekah Stefaniu

Board of Directors
Becky Barnes | President
William Harvey | Vice-President/Treasurer
Shelley Bernhard | Secretary

Teri Augenstein, Tony Box, Laura Brackett, Judge James D. Henson, Betsy Hire, Fred Reeder, Bruce Sliney

Douglas Brown, Barbee Thomas | Advisory

2018 / 2019 Season

Seated on floor L –R
Jennie Riffle, Samantha Steinhauser, Megan Abel, Lucia Mancha, Chloe Gingrich, Allie Wentworth

Middle Row L – R
Megan Hayes, Sarah Ison, Erin Ekin, Gabrielle Savka, Rebecca Brown, Avery Gingrich, Taylor Hill, Abigail Hout

Back Row L – R
Anna Slade, Emma Blake, Audrey Rosby, Lilly Welch, Landon Hyatt, Mikayla Jarvis, Melanie Irvine Selby, Ryanne Hunt, Gisella Blake


2017 / 2018 Season

Seated on Floor L-R: Melanie Irvine-Selby, Emma Blake, Gabrielle Savka, Madelyn Reed
Seated on Chairs L-R: Lucia Mancha, Katie Harrigan, Avery Gingrich
Standing in Back L-R: Erin Ekin, Mikayla Jarvis, Ashley Reed, Rebeca Brown, Abigail Hout, Megan Abel


 2016 / 2017 Season

Seated L-R: Katie Harrigan, Annie Olecki, Avery Gingrich
2nd Row standing on floor L-R:  Ashley Reed, Lena Watson, Daisy Rausch, Gabrielle Savka
3rd Row Standing on steps L-R:  RubyJean Walker, Lucia Mancha
4th Row L-R: Madelyn Reed, Abbi Hynek, Abigail Hout


 2015/2016 Season

ARB 2015-2016 Season

Seated on floor:  Avery Gingrich, Sydney Box, Carlyna Crum
Seated center: Amanda Ehrmantraut, Jamie Swartzentruber, Claire Thrasher
Standing: Katie Harrigan, Annie Olecki, Abbi Hynek, Daisy Rausch, Lena Watson,
Lucy Mancha


2014/2015 Season

ARB 2014/2015 Season 

1st Row L-R: Sydney Box, Avery Gingrich, Carlyna Crum, Madeline Carter, Anna McMillen
2nd Row L-R: Sarah Cyders, Amanda Ehrmantraut, Annie Olecki, Daisy Rausch,
Sabrina Lindhout, Andrea Smalley
3rd Row: Brittany Wentworth, Nadia Maggelet, Jamie Swartzentruber, Elyse Kulka,
Claire Thrasher
On Steps: Jennifer Rose Latham, Katie Harrigan, Haley Foss, Abbi Hynek, Lena Watson


2013/2014 Season

Seated L to R:
Sydney Box, Annie Olecki, Reagan Steffen, Jamie Swartzentruber, Nadia Maggelet
On Knees L to R:
Alex Savka, Rachel Weilbacker, Sabrina Lindhout, Claire Thrasher, Carlyna Crum, Avery Gingrich
Row 3, Standing L to R:
Daisy Rausch, Madeline Carter, Elyse Kulka, Anna McMillen, Andrea Smalley
Back L to R:
Brittany Wentworth, Sarah Cyders (Artistic Director), Jennifer Doyle Latham
Not Pictured:  Amanda Ehrmantraut who re-joined the company in December,2013 after recovery from foot injury.  Welcome back Amanda. 


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