Code of Conduct Students & Parents

Ashland Regional Ballet/ Opus II Dance Studio

Code of Conduct for Students/Parents

(as adapted from The Dance Academy and Royal Academy Standards of Conduct)


By registering for classes at Opus II Dance Studio and/or being a member of Ashland Regional Ballet both the dancer and their parent/guardian agree to the following Code of Conduct.


  • I will be an ambassador of OPUS/ARB and represent the very best of the studio/company.

  • I will treat all members of our staff, parents, and students with respect and kindness and will help to sustain an inclusive environment where all dancers are supported, regardless of age, level, or hours.

  • I will be friendly and have compassion for others.

  • I will treat others as teammates and encourage their improvement.

  • I understand that there is zero tolerance for bullying of any kind whether it be in person, on social media, email or texting.

  • I understand that the use of OPUS/ARB social media accounts for personal issues is prohibited and places me at risk of being blocked from these accounts. If I participate in social media I will keep it positive and appropriate.

  • I will trust and abide by directors’ decisions with regards to my/my child’s class level and casting, as well as dance selections for performances.

  • I will honor my commitments to OPUS/ARB, fellow dancers, parents and teachers.

  • We expect our older dancers to set a good example and act as role models for our younger dancers.

  • Student Assistants in dance classes are role models and need to recognize young students are watching you, not just in class, but all the time. And, refrain from engaging in social media with students you assist.

  • I will communicate with our School Director, Artistic Director, or a teacher if feeling uncomfortable about a situation.

  • For concerns, the preferred means of communication is through email.

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