Giving You Choices

The most valuable asset of good comprehensive training is the choices it affords its recipients, whether pursuing a professional career, higher education, or dance as a life-long avocation. We are proud of the fact that all of our students who have pursued dance through higher education or in the professional world have done exceedingly well in attaining their goals, often receiving scholarships and awards for their outstanding abilities and work ethic.

Geography should have no relevance in the quality of a dance education. Students in Ashland or Mansfield, Ohio should have access to the same quality of dance education as children form a larger metropolitan area. Certainly when the time comes for auditioning for college programs or professional employment, adjudicators will not take geography into consideration. The child who has grown through a quality program will have a tremendous advantage.

Ashland Regional Ballet gives its students a strong foundation in dance, which opens doors to opportunities through-out life.

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