4 Questions to Ask Before Enrolling your child in Dance Class

1.  What are the qualifications of the faculty members?

A school is only as good as its faculty. A dance faculty should have a mixture of professional performing experience along with strong educational credentials. Students need to learn from both traditional academic methods and professional application of those principals.

2.  Is this a safe environment for my child?

A dance studio draws many young people to its doors. The studio should be in a safe, well lighted neighborhood. Parents should be very clear on drop off/pick up procedures. Children should have supervision when on the premises of the dance studio.

3.  Will this class create a pathway to higher learning and choices in the future?

This is an important question, even if you don't believe that your child has serious dance abilities. Parents who enroll their children in dance classes may not imagine the skills, self-discipline and life training that their young ones will learn through dance. A program with a strong performance track will offer choices later on if the student should desire to audition for higher levels. Choices are always preferable to closed doors. The foundational years are extremely important for opening future doors.

4.  Do the advanced level dancers in this school display skills and demeanor to which I would like my child to aspire?

This question may be answered by attending performances of the schools you are considering. Watch the manner in which the intermediate and advanced students appear on stage. You should see a gradual progression of skills learned as children grow through a dance program. You should also be permitted to observe several classes.


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