Studio Policies & Procedures

Welcome to the Ashland Regional Ballet family! Opus II Dance Studio is the Official School of the Ashland Regional Ballet.  We are happy that you have chosen to become a part of our program. Please review our studio policies and procedures. It is our belief that every class prepares students for their onstage experience. Courtesy, cleanliness, and orderliness are essential to a smoothly running performance.

General Policies

  • No gum or candy in class.
  • No large or dangling jewelry in class.
  • Hair should be in a bun or suitable secure fashion off the face.
  • Do not wear classroom dress on the street – WEAR A COVER-UP.
  • As you wait for your child or your class you must BE QUIET. Do not allow younger non-dancing children to disturb class. 
  • Out of respect for our students’ privacy please refrain from taking videos or photographs during class sessions.

Dance education requires total involvement of the student – physical, emotional, and intellectual. Repetition is important for developing the dancer’s body – the instrument of artistic expression. Therefore, attendance at all scheduled classes and special rehearsals is important. If a class is missed for a legitimate reason – illness, school or church function, or a death in the family – a make-up class may be taken within the same semester in which the absence occurred. Anyone dismissed from class for disciplinary reasons will not receive a refund.

It is not necessary to notify the studio for an occasional absence from class. However, if there is an extended illness or circumstance where the student’s progress will be impaired, the director should be made aware of the situation.

Be On Time
Dance students should always be 10 to 15 minutes early for classes and rehearsals! This offers them time to prepare.
Latecomers will not be permitted to participate in classes. However, they are encouraged to stay and observe. This is not intended as a punishment. It is to ensure safety, and to teach class-room and performance standards.

Inclement Weather

  • As soon as there is information to share, closings will be messaged via e-mail and Remind App.
  • In case of Tornado Warning students will be gathered in the Tap Studio (basement) until such time as parent collects them or the warning is lifted.

Policies Concerning Studio Snacks

  • As with our backstage policies, no open beverages are permitted – including open cans of pop, cups from fast food restaurants, juice boxes or pouches, and bottles with screw-on lids. All drinks must be in a non-spillable sports bottle.
  • Please eat messy or sticky treats at home or at the restaurant where they were purchased.
  • If you eat a meal at the studio clean up after yourselves. – including cleaning the table top.

Dress Code
Our standard Dress Code for Performance Division classes is as follows:

  • Ballet (girls) pink tights, pink ballet shoes, black leotard
  • Ballet (boys) black or white ballet shoes, sweat pants or black tights, white t-shirt, dance belt.
  • Tap, Jazz, Modern a variety of dancewear may be worn providing it does not inhibit movement or hide the line or quality of movement.
  • In all classes dancers may be asked to remove extra clothing if the teacher feels that it is not appropriate for the class.

Note: Dress Code is more relaxed for some Recreational Classes and adult students.

Costume Borrowing Policy
No costumes or accessories shall be loaned to any dancer except for an authorized appearance under the name ARB or Opus II Dance Studio. Should you need costumes or dancewear for your own personal use the Director will assist you with information regarding supply sources.

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