Code of Conduct Faculty & Staff

Ashland Regional Ballet/ Opus II Dance Studio

Code of Conduct for Teachers/Employees (and Volunteers When Applicable)

(as adapted from The Dance Academy and Royal Academy Standards of Conduct)




1. Set high expectations that inspire, motivate and challenge students.


  • Sustain an inclusive environment for all dancers.

  • Encourage all students in reaching their full potential as dancers in order to promote their emotional, intellectual and physical well-being.

  • Establish a safe and stimulating environment for students, rooted in mutual respect and kindness.

  • Demonstrate to students with a positive attitude, the values and behavior expected of them.

  • Foster and maintain students’ interest in and enjoyment of dance and promote the value of progression and achievement.

  • Be aware of students’ abilities, their prior dance experience and knowledge and plan teaching that allows the student to build on these attributes.

  • Accept and support all students in your class, regardless of differences in skill level or background.


2. Plan and teach well-structured lessons.


  • Adapt teaching to respond to the strengths and needs of individual students.

  • Demonstrate an awareness of the physical, motor, social and intellectual development of children (students) and know how to adapt teaching to support their dance education and training at different stages of development.

  • Manage behavior effectively to ensure a positive and safe learning environment.

  • Set clear rules and routines in the dance studio and take responsibility for promoting respectful and courteous behavior.

  • Have high expectations and establish a framework for discipline with a range of strategies, using praise, affirmations and rewards consistently and fairly.


3. Uphold the trust placed in them by students, parents, guardians, and the studio.


  • Maintain high standards of ethics and behavior, within and outside the dance studio.

  • Treat pupils with dignity, build relationships rooted in mutual respect.

  • Observe proper boundaries appropriate to a teacher’s professional position.

  1. There is zero tolerance for bullying of any kind, whether it be in person, on social media, email or texting.

  2. Avoid having students as Facebook friends, following students via Instagram, etc., where knowledge of your personal life or theirs could be called into question.

  3. Avoid being with a student alone in any capacity, and if a private conference or rehearsal is necessitated, have another adult to observe.

  • Safeguard students’ well-being, in accordance with good practice and statutory requirements imposed upon them.

  • Show tolerance of and respect for the rights, faiths and beliefs of others.

  • Ensure that personal beliefs are not expressed in ways which offend students or their families or exploit students’ vulnerability.

  • Act with integrity in all professional and business judgments, demonstrating honesty, fair dealing, courtesy and consideration for other dance professionals, organizations, students and their families at all times.

  1. As a teacher/employee at ARB/OPUS, you are an ambassador, representing the very best of our studio.

  2. All teachers/employees must conduct themselves in a manner that reflects positively on ARB/OPUS.

  3. Teachers/employees who participate in social media are reminded to keep it positive and appropriate..

  1. Social media to discuss ARB/OPUS personal issues is prohibited. The preferred means is an email or a phone call.

  2. If you choose to engage in public disparagement of ARB/OPUS via ARB/OPUS social media accounts, you risk being blocked from those accounts.

  • Student Assistants in dance classes are role models and need to recognize young students are watching you, not just in class, but all the time. And, refrain from engaging in social media with any students you assist.

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