Cabin Fever Complete!

March 20, 2017

These costumes will not go back into storage just yet.  They will undergo a transformation and their next appearance will be at the Cinderella Ball!  But first we want to say bravo and thanks to all who participated and came to see our dancers in the Cabin Fever Series.  It was a really good run!

Here is some insight (from an "old" dance educator's perspective) into the educational process of this annual performance series for the Opus/ARB dancers. 

This show offers a wonderful educational advantage of which some  may not be aware.  It provides a peek into the life of a professional performer.  If you were performing in, say, a Broadway show you would be performing the same show every day except Monday, and some days 2 times.  How do you:

#1 keep it fresh for each new audience;
#2 keep it from getting "sloppy";
#3 work on the next show learning new choreography, while not forgetting the old?

Doing basically the same show for 4 performances on 4 different weekends gives you just a hint of it.  You learn that every audience is different, and that YOU are different.  Live performance happens in just that one beautiful moment.  You and your audience are both/all different at the next show.  Experience is the true teacher.  This experience teaches the dancer to embrace the moments in the studio, and onstage, and find new ways to find joy and passion in the dancing.  You never know when 1 special audience member may find just the inspiration they needed from seeing you dance.  It's good stuff to keep in mind.  Parents, thank you for allowing your children to spend so much of their lives with us.  We hope that it is time well-spent.

Here is the final picture from the Final Cabin Fever Performance on Sunday March 19.

Now – all sites are set on the Spring Concert.  Cinderella will reign in the front of our minds until she finds her prince … or shall I say, until her prince finds her!  But more on that later.  Tickets go on-sale on April 3 at AU Box Office.

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