Mermaid Memory

April 25, 2016

Kimberly Cadley-Mach Remembers The Little Mermaid

I was a mermaid and a daughter of the air the first time around and cast the same, with better technique, the second time around. I got to French braid Anna Barnes hair the third time around and I have had the opportunity to teach during the summer the current cast members. Yes, feeling old.....very old....

Hellie puts her 2 cents in:  OLD?  Well, yes ... we do get to feeling old-ish, but such a wonderful thing to be able to dance our way through our lives and through the lives of other dancers as well.  Good memories.  Thanks for sharing with us.  So many of us remember those early days of Opus II Dance Studio and Ashland Regioanl Ballet  :) 

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