Getting The Most Out of Your Dance Classes

September 26, 2013

Make a strong commitment to attend all classes for your level.

Be consistent. Working hard in one class and slacking off in the next will get you nowhere. You are not only learning steps, you are training your muscles. This means repetition, repetition, repetition!

Attend each class prepared to learn; true progress is made when you dance “full-out” every class.

Listen to every correction, whether it’s directed to you or another dancer. When a teacher corrects you it is an honor and expresses how much they care. Always be appreciative of the teacher or choreographer who offers you a correction. Nothing can stop a student who has appreciation of their teacher’s knowledge.

Follow studio rules and policies. How you dress and behave in the studio predicts how you will manage yourself in the theatre setting. Make a commitment to be on time, in the proper dress with the proper hair-do.

Rehearsals are dedicated to choreography or “cleaning” the choreography. A dancer who misses a rehearsal is holding back their own progress and that of their classmates and the choreographer. Repeating the choreography at the next rehearsal keeps everyone from progressing.

Respect classmates who may be stronger than you. If the “good ones” weren’t there, we’d never know how far we can go! Don’t waste your time with envy. Learn from them instead!

Performances are your opportunity to show the world the result of your dedication and hard work. Take the time to be mentally and physically prepared. Be sure your costumes are prepared, shoes are clean, and all accessories are accounted for.

Finally, realize how lucky you are to have dance in your life. There are literally millions of young people throughout the world who would love to be in your place. Expressing the emotions of life through the art of dance is a privilege.

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