From Party Child to Mrs. Stahlbaum

November 19, 2014

If you are not friends on Jackie's facebook page you will have missed this nice message.

Jackie wrote: "I had written out my 'memories' but I guess I forgot to send them back in with my pictures, so here they are: :)
While it makes me feel a little old to say that I was in the first production of the Nutcracker, I am utterly grateful to have been a part of it. I was only 12 when it all started, but Nutcracker time quickly became something to look forward to each year! I started off being a child in the ‘party dance’, having to be the only one on stage with a braid because my hair stubbornly refused to hold a sausage curl, no matter WHAT my mom tried. A few years later, I was thrilled and terrified to dance Snow for my first time as an understudy for Brooke ‘Fike’ Wesner. It was definitely a memorable experience as practically an avalanche of snow fell on me as I was exiting the stage on pointe during one performance! I think I kept my cool, though! My all-time FAVORITE, though, were the years I danced Arabian. I fell in love with the music, the movement, the costume… it was just perfect for me. I still daydream about it! And I am happy to take credit for convincing Hellie to let the dance be done in soft shoes instead of on pointe; although she never did let me do it barefoot like I wanted.
Now I’ve come full circle and am enjoying coming back to portray the role of Mrs. Stalhbaum for the third year. While I know my body can’t dance like I used to, it’s been so much fun just being a part of the whole production again and getting to spend time with the current dancers as well as some alums. And with this year, I now hold the record of being Bruce’s longest marriage in the production. (I tell him all the time that I need an upgrade in my jewels!)
Thank you all for letting me come back and be a part of the Nutcracker. It holds some of my fondest memories… and I can’t wait to keep making more!"


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