FAQ - Summer Dance Registration at Opus II Dance Studio

By Hellie Schussler

May 29, 2014

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about Summer dance registration.


Q. Where do I find Class and Tuition information on the website?

A. At the top of our front page - Click on "CLASSES”. A short menu will drop down. Scroll to the 3rd one down to find “Class Schedule/Tuition”.   Open that one.


Q. I am totally confused when I look at the class schedules and tuition! How should I enroll if I don’t know what to choose?

A. That is totally understandable. Parents often do not have the information necessary to place their children in the proper class. My advice: Fill out the registration form, and enroll for just one class – whatever one seems to make sense to you. In the comment section tell us what you want for your dancer. We will either, place the student in the proper class and send you a registration confirmation, or have the information needed to continue our communication. You will not be charged any tuition until we are sure you are in the proper class.


Q. Why won’t the registration form allow me to pay online?

A. It will … BUT … only after we have reviewed your registration, figured in all fees, and applied appropriate discounts.  



Q. Do I have to register for Mini-Mester?

A. No. These are drop-in classes.   Tuition is pay-as-you-go, or you may purchase class cards at a discount price.


Q. What is the cost for Mini-Mester?

A. Tuition for Mini-Mester is $15 per class … OR … $8 for regularly enrolled Opus II Students. If you purchase a class card you will be considered an enrolled Opus student and will receive the discounted rate even if you are a guest for the summer.


Q. How do I purchase a class card?

A. Class cards are available on our online registration form. (Click “Register Now” on the front page of our website.)

  • If you purchase your card prior to Mini-Mester it will be awaiting you upon arrival to your first Mini-Mester class. That makes check-in on the first day simpler. However, Class Cards may be purchased at any time during Mini-Mester.
  • Note: Opus/ARB Alumni are eligible to purchase steeply discounted non-expiration date Class Cards ... 10 Classes for $64 … OR … 5 Classes for $32.
  • Note: A legal guardian or adult must sign the legal form accompanied with Class Card purchase (as with all enrollments). This is easier to accomplish online if the adult does not intend to accompany the student to the studio.


Q. What if I don’t use all my classes?

A. There is no refund on Class Cards. And, they DO expire on the final day of Mini-Mester. (Exception – Alumni Cards) It is recommended that you do not purchase 8-Class or 12-Class Cards unless you are quite certain that you will be in attendance. The 12-Class card is more steeply discounted than the others in order to allow for an occasional missed class.


Please keep asking … I will continue my attempts to make the enrollment process easy for you. If only that triple pirouette were as easy to accomplish!   ~Hellie Schussler/Opus II School Director

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