Our Company

Sarah Cyders | Artistic Director
Ann Marie Benshoff-Todd | School Director
Hellie Schussler | Founder/Executive Director

The Company
Avery Gingrich, Katie Harrigan, Abigail Hout, Lucy Mancha, Ashley Reed, Madelyn Reed, Gabrielle Savka

Company Apprentices
Megan Abel, Emma Blake, Rebeca Brown, Erin Ekin, Melanie Irvine-Selby, Mikayla Jarvis

Artistic Faculty/Staff
Ann Marie Benshoff, Sarah Cyders, Julie Kirkpatrick, Margaret Minick-Blake

Board of Directors

Becky Barnes | President
William Harvey | Vice-President/Treasurer
Shelley Bernhard | Secretary

Teri Augenstein, Tony Box, Laura Brackett, Judge James D. Henson, Betsy Hire, Fred Reeder, Bruce Sliney

Douglas Brown, Barbee Thomas | Advisory

2017 / 2018 Season

Seated on Floor L-R: Melanie Irvine-Selby, Emma Blake, Gabrielle Savka, Madelyn Reed
Seated on Chairs L-R: Lucia Mancha, Katie Harrigan, Avery Gingrich
Standing in Back L-R: Erin Ekin, Mikayla Jarvis, Ashley Reed, Rebeca Brown, Abigail Hout, Megan Abel


 2016 / 2017 Season

Seated L-R: Katie Harrigan, Annie Olecki, Avery Gingrich
2nd Row standing on floor L-R:  Ashley Reed, Lena Watson, Daisy Rausch, Gabrielle Savka
3rd Row Standing on steps L-R:  RubyJean Walker, Lucia Mancha
4th Row L-R: Madelyn Reed, Abbi Hynek, Abigail Hout


 2015/2016 Season

ARB 2015-2016 Season

Seated on floor:  Avery Gingrich, Sydney Box, Carlyna Crum
Seated center: Amanda Ehrmantraut, Jamie Swartzentruber, Claire Thrasher
Standing: Katie Harrigan, Annie Olecki, Abbi Hynek, Daisy Rausch, Lena Watson,
Lucy Mancha


2014/2015 Season

ARB 2014/2015 Season 

1st Row L-R: Sydney Box, Avery Gingrich, Carlyna Crum, Madeline Carter, Anna McMillen
2nd Row L-R: Sarah Cyders, Amanda Ehrmantraut, Annie Olecki, Daisy Rausch,
Sabrina Lindhout, Andrea Smalley
3rd Row: Brittany Wentworth, Nadia Maggelet, Jamie Swartzentruber, Elyse Kulka,
Claire Thrasher
On Steps: Jennifer Rose Latham, Katie Harrigan, Haley Foss, Abbi Hynek, Lena Watson


2013/2014 Season

Seated L to R:
Sydney Box, Annie Olecki, Reagan Steffen, Jamie Swartzentruber, Nadia Maggelet
On Knees L to R:
Alex Savka, Rachel Weilbacker, Sabrina Lindhout, Claire Thrasher, Carlyna Crum, Avery Gingrich
Row 3, Standing L to R:
Daisy Rausch, Madeline Carter, Elyse Kulka, Anna McMillen, Andrea Smalley
Back L to R:
Brittany Wentworth, Sarah Cyders (Artistic Director), Jennifer Doyle Latham
Not Pictured:  Amanda Ehrmantraut who re-joined the company in December,2013 after recovery from foot injury.  Welcome back Amanda. 


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