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Hello All :-) We were thinking that we miss so much of our Alumni Family, and realized that we don't have a good way of staying in touch! We value all of the time and energy that you spent here at the studio, and are very interested in what you have been up to since you last left our doors! We have had many amazing people grace our dance floors, and want everyone to know how much you have meant to the legacy we have here at Opus II Dance Studio / Ashland Regional Ballet. Do you have any favorite dance memories you would like to share? If so, take a brief moment to fill out this Let's-Get-Caught-Up sheet. We look forward to hearing about everything that you are up to, and even possibly seeing some of you soon!! Thank you for taking a moment to complete this, and have a wonderful day :-)

Click Here to fill out a Let's-Get-Caught-Up form.

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